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My little one…

So this is Luka.  I thought it was time for a little update on baby photos.  He’s growing up so fast, every day I can’t believe what a big boy he is becoming.  This is all the more reason to take as many photos as you can of your

New accessory :: kids photography

Just got this in the mail this morning, isn’t it cute?  Can’t wait for my next session with kids to show it off!  If you are looking for your own ‘lens bling,’ you can find it here at HappyAcresFarm on Etsy.

Christine and family :: Markham

This was a family session with a new baby only 10 days old.  I have to say that this family has the best behaved children I think I have ever worked with, they were amazing!  The baby was also super cute and so teeny, it was a very fun shoot.

Lynne + Sean + baby bump :: High Park

I don’t have too many photo sessions up with baby bumps so here is a little preview of what a maternity session can look like.  Lynne and Sean were great to work with.  Thank you Lynne for tackling the hills of High Park a few weeks from

Sultana and family

It was an early morning at High Park today.  We were trying to beat the rain and succeeded!  The park is starting to fill with flowers and geese, it feels like summer already, I love it!  You guys are a super cute family with adorable little

Jason, Linna and Sloane

Is it Spring already? I am cheating, this was a photo session from last summer, I am almost done catching up on blogging 2010 shoots. This is however a good time to inspire families out there to start thinking about booking a spring photo session.

Time for Easter photos

This is my precious little Luka bunny.  He’s actually not so little for a baby of 4 months, but he is a cutie.  I found this hat on Etsy, by BabaMoon.  Naomi was a fantastic vendor, and I LOVE the hat, I will definitely buy from her

Baby Luka

I am sorry for my blogging delay, baby Luka was born on November 16th and is quite the handful.  I managed to take a few festive photos to show him off.  Motherhood has been great so far.  Luka is our first little one so there have been lots of

Ronel, Rhizza and Gabriel

Here is a photo session at the beautiful University of Toronto.  We just beat the rain, love it when that happens.  The university is a great spot for weddings and photos, if you are in the market for a venue, check it out.  Ronel and his family

Daniel and family

This was another cute session at Edward Gardens in Toronto.  The kids Farah and Hartley were full of energy.  Farah totally helped out with new ideas and cool locations.  The leaves are really changing now, I love the colours at this time of

Renee, Jared and Fiona

I am finally catching up on all of my blog posts from photo shoots this summer.  This was one from August.  Renee, Jared and Fiona were a very cute family and awesome to work with.  Fiona was especially well behaved, she even tolerated a few

Michelle, Jonathan and Charlotte

Here is another beautiful family session from this past weekend.  This one is at the popular Edward Gardens.  I know I’ve said it before, but it really is a great location for a family photo session.  Another thing to note about the park is

Dave, Valerie and Tanner

This is has been a busy week for photo shoots!  Here is one from yesterday with an adorable family.  Tanner is the little one who can’t stop moving.  He was a cutie.  We were in the St.Clair and Bathurst area at a park near Dave and

Hannah and family

This was a photo session a few weeks ago at Edward Gardens, it is located in the North East part of Toronto.  This has been a hot spot for photos this summer.  It is a great location to get a variety of backdrops in a smaller sized park.  I have

Shemina, Adil and Amar

This was another fun session in High Park, Toronto.  It was a very hot day but we managed to make the most of it.  Amar is the little cutie, I love the shots of him in the tree.  I think he was enjoying being the tallest one for a little while. 

Little Jade

This was a photo shoot with my best friends niece.  Jade is a super cute and smiley 2 year old.  I took a walk through High Park with Jade’s mom and two aunts for a fun session in the sun.

Laura, Zach and Adelaide

What a cute family!  They have lived near and loved the Beaches in Toronto for many years, this area was a perfect setting for this family.  I had a great time working with you guys, little Adelaide is adorable! Kirsten, Toronto