Thank you so much for sending the link to our photos; they look amazing, we are extremely impressed!!!  Also, thank you for sending the information on getting prints done – happy to hear you are very busy with your work, and I will absolutely recommend you to anyone who asks me!  And thank you for keeping our photos up on your link for a couple of months to give us time to look at them.
-Jessica, September 2015

Thank you for being our very amazing wedding photographer and perfectly capturing our precious memories!!  The photo book is incredible and we absolutely love it!  Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.  We appreciate it:)
-Erica and David, Oct 2014

Kirsten, I can’t thank you enough for the miracles you worked at our wedding and the speed you got us that highlight reel!  It made our week, and helped us re-live the best bits of the day in all their glory!  (Thanks for bringing Manyu too, that guy’s a riot!).  You’re our hero, love, gratitude and a million star review.
-Ash and Adam, July 2014

Thank you for everything! Your pictures are gorgeous & you captured the day and all of the details so perfectly.
-Carley and Ed, Aug 2013

We LOVE the photos!!!! Your team did a fabulous job! I can’t stop looking at them. It definitely captured the whole day. We are very happy. I can’t wait to have the DVD.
-Julie and Chris, April 2013

We want to say such a huge and heartfelt thank you for your amazing photos and for being a part of our wedding!  Most importantly you were a pleasure to work with up to the wedding day, and it wasn’t a surprise to us at all that such a lovely and like-minded person produced such incredible work – the perfect pictures and everything we could ask for! Thank you so much again Kirsten!
-Maran and Mark, September 2012

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being our photographer! You were such a joy to work with. Your laid back yet professional nature was a perfect fit for us! We can’t wait to see how all the photos came out! Thanks again!
-Arron and Kelley, June 2012

We just received our wedding DVD and the photos look fabulous.  Thanks so much for your hard work and for being part of our special day.  We would definitely love to have you do photos for us again in the future!
-Jennifer and Olaf, May 2012

Kirsten!!! The photos are stunnninnnggg!! You were such a special part of our day and the photos are absolutely beautiful! Thank you! Your work is truly something special.
-Scarlett, April 2012

Kirsten was fun and quirky, and even more enthusiastic about our venue than we were. We had her for 12 hours and she seemed to work non-stop. We got 1000+ pictures from her and I have to say it’s almost futile for me to try to narrow them down because I like almost all of them. She is very reasonably priced, responds promptly to communications, and was just great to work with.
-Janet, March 2012

Honestly, I cannot thank you enough, the pictures are absolutely perfect!  We have looked through them at least a dozen times!  You were so patient, you made the pictures look like we had the perfect baby who doesn’t fuss or cry!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  We are beyond thrilled with the results.
-Stephanie, October 2011

It has been an absolute pleasure working with you.  Thank you for all of your hard work and attention to detail.  Right when I met yo uat the Jazz Cafe on Howard Park, I knew you were the right person for us to work with.  I have no hesitation to recommend your company for any type of photography.   I hope that we will get teh chance to work with you again.  We love our engagement & wedding photos.  They turned out amazing!!  You are awesome!!
-Liz and Mike, September 2011

We viewed the gallery and then we got our photo’s in the mail the next day! They were great and I love the quick turn around! We were super happy with the photos and I may have gone a little overboard posting them on facebook, lol. You were an absoulte pleasure to work with. Jeff and I both appreciated your laid back attitude. You are super sweet and kept us at ease throughout all of the picture taking process and you managed to get such great shots without being at all invasive.  Thank you SO much for all your hard work. I’ll be sure to refer my friends to you.
-Amanda and Jeff, September 2011

OMG we love the photos Kirsten!!!! they are awesome! I can’t wait to see all the others and can’t wait to take the wedding photos!! You are awesome and i love the feel of the photos!
-Lindsay, July 2011

I just love the pictures, and will treasure them. Thank you so much.
-Patchen, May 2011

Kirsten, it was such a joy working with you! Your warm, easy-going nature made us feel instantly comfortable and allowed our personalities to shine through from the first photo to the very last. You captured so many beautiful moments in such a short amount of time. The photos truly speak for themselves and we couldn’t be happier! Thank-you so, so much – you’re the best!

Thanks Kirsten! I really had a great time during the photo session and love these pictures!

Thank you Kirsten, we are thrilled with the results!  You made what could have been very painful with 2 teenage boys and reluctant adults lots of fun.